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Want to rise up searches on Google,YouTube, SoundCloud or similar sites? Engaged Hits drives the most authentic custom web traffic to your site, content or page. Users that behave so naturally you won’t be able to tell the difference between actual traffic and Engaged Hits traffic. And neither will Google
For too long the metrics of Google searches have been balanced AGAINST you, if you’re not on page one, it’s hard to be found. Time for a change. Join for free
the pic So, are you a small business competing against much bigger businesses for Google Ranking? Rise Up.
Are you a Musician trying to find your audience? Rise Up. Join for free
the pic Making videos on YouTube and want them to be seen by more people than ever before? Rise Up.
It’s time to be seen. Time to be heard. Time to turn the tables back in your favour. Time to Rise Up with Engaged Hits. Join for free
MINGLE Download Mingle to your PC and connect to an army of MINGLE USERS, ready to march on your site, page or content and increase its ranking in your chosen search engine.
DOWNLOADABLE SOFTWARE Mingle is a standalone piece of software you can download to your PC and connects you to your MINGLE users.
CRUSADE Set specific goals you want for your site, page or content and lead an army of MINGLE users on a Crusade, marching towards each target in an incredibly customisable ways.
START/END Set specific dates for when you want to start attracting traffic and when your crusade should finish.
PAGE DEPTH Choose which pages Mingle users should visit as well as how many pages deep you want them to explore. This can also be randomised to give a natural profile.
VISIT LENGTH How much time should your Mingle users stay on your site? How long on each page? This can also be randomised to give a natural profile.
TIME PER PAGE How long should each Mingle user spend on each page? This can also be randomised to give a natural profile.
DEFINE TRAFFIC Your Mingle users can come from one of three traffic sources 1) Search Engines 2) A direct link 3) Third Party or Social Sites like Facebook or Twitter.
BALANCE Choose a percentage of users for visitors from Search Engines, Direct Links and Third Party Sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc…
KEYWORD TARGETTING Here, you define a list of keywords you’d like to rank for. Define a % for each one and Mingle users will, according to your percentage, search for those keywords and click on YOUR listing within that search, improving your click thru rate.
RANDOM SCROLL To give a really authentic feel to your Mingle users visit, we have a specially designed algorithm that makes it look like they’re scrolling up and down your page naturally.
HUSTLE A little cheeky. Send Mingle users to your competition first, but only for a second, before they visit your site, page or content and engage thoroughly, showing Google which site users actually prefer. (Hint: yours)
YOUTUBE All the same features of a standard Crusade but additional features specifically aimed at driving your video content up the search rankings on YouTube
What is Engaged Hits?
Engaged Hits is a unique web traffic service that runs on a piece of software we’ve designed called MINGLE. Mingle conceives unique users that will help you to rise up the ranks on search driven sites like Google, YouTube, SoundCloud, Amazon, Ebay and more. Best of all? It’s completely free.
What does Engaged Hits do for me?
Simple, we’re going to make sure you rank higher than ever on Google, YouTube, SoundCloud, Amazon or any other site that organizes it’s content with searches. And we’re going to do that for free.
Why do I need Engaged Hits help?
With Google, for example, we’re seeing more and more emphasis on user experience when calculating which sites should appear where in searches. There are other sites that offer you the chance to increase the amount of visitors to your site, but it’s not enough to simply get backlinks or buy regular traffic. You need something more intelligent than that. Why? Google wants to know that their top ranking sites are there because users actually had a quality experience and found what they were looking for, namely a good user experience. Engaged Hits uses a unique piece of software called MINGLE that is designed to mimic the behavior of actual users. Watch our special video about MINGLE here. You won’t be able to tell the difference between an Engaged Hits user and a regular user. And neither will Google. Not to mention, this is FREE.
Isn’t it obvious to Google these aren’t "real" users?
Here’s the important part. What is a real user? To a website or search engine a user is simply a unique IP from a computer around the world. It cannot identify the person sat AT the computer, only the computer that makes the visit. All MINGLE users come from individual PC’s or mobile devices. That means that to all intents and purposes these ARE real users in every way that can be defined. Watch this 3 minute video which goes into a lot more technical detail why this is 100% safe. We also use an API that can easily detect if visits are coming from servers or VPS (ie. machines Google will label as bots) and we don't allow these. Other traffic exchanges allow this and that's why Google, Adsense, CPM ad networks know about such visitors and either ignore such visits or worst just ban your account or penalize your website.
So they won’t seem like a bot?
No! Are you kidding? Bots tend to come from limited servers and everything is controlled by a limited and small number of IP’s. With MINGLE each user comes from a unique IP, from a real computer in exactly the same way any other user would.
How are you doing this for free?
In October or November of 2017 we will require all users to install our extension which means you'll see ads as you browse websites. Don't worry, these are not the annoying pop over ads that drive you insane or ruin your browsing experience. You will barely notice (if at all) the types of ads we are working with. Upon surveying hunders of users, we have learned that users would rather see non annoying ads in return for use of the Engaged Hits platform instead of paying a $30/month monthly fee.
So, how do I get minutes?
When you download MINGLE you will join the other computers that MINGLE is connected to. This software runs entirely in the background and you won’t even notice it. You can use MINGLE on your PC. You will earn minutes whenever your computer is turned ON and connected to the internet provided MINGLE is running.
What if I want more minutes?
Don’t worry, we thought about that too. We have a MINGLE AFFILIATES program and you can find out more about that later on this in this document. The idea is simple, when you refer your friends, you will earn a percentage of whatever minutes they are earning. And since this is free and something unique you should be able to refer tons of people!
What do I have to do?
When you sign up with Engaged Hits and download MINGLE you’ll be able to start a new campaign and clearly define exactly what you want your Mingle users to do. Once you have made those distinctions, you don’t have to do anything, Mingle is fully automated.
What are minutes?
You earn minutes by running Mingle on your computer. If you run Mingle on your desktop for ten minutes, you will be able to send Mingle users to your content for five minutes. So you receive 50% of the minutes that Mingle is run on your computer.
If I have more than one account, can I transfer my minutes from one account to another?
No, you have to use the minutes within each account, no sharing!
How many machines can I run Mingle on?
It’s unlimited!
Can I use MINGLE on networked PC’s?
Yes! You can install unlimited instances of Mingle on different machines on the same IP address. So if you have an office with 20 PC’s, networked and running from the same IP. You can install Mingle on each machine.
Which search engines do you support?
For beta version, we are launching with Google and Youtube, the two biggies. We will roll out later on Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Aol, Yandex, Baidu, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Amazon, Ebay and Etsy.
Can I run Mingle on a Remote Desktop Machine (RDP) or VPS?
No, we have an API that automatically identifies such machines and don’t allow them. The reason being is Google and others can detect such machines which defeats the whole purpose. There are many ways you can still earn tons of free minutes and not depend on RDP’s.
I’m having some problems setting up a Crusade
You’ll find hover over information marked ‘?’ next to pretty much every section on the website. Things are very clear and easy to understand anyway but those hover over sections will give you all the information you need. We will be providing detailed video tutorials walking you through every section of our website so you'll be 100% comfortable with everything.
This is a good question and one we thought about long and hard, bringing on board some very high level experts to look into this for us. To put it simply, Google will not be able to track the individual IP back to any specific user. From their perspective these users look no different to any other and if they did wonder about one of MINGLE’S users they would simply not be able to trace it back to any individual machine. Here is an in-depth 3 minute video we prepared on this topic at