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Want to rise up in the searches on YouTube? Engaged Hits drives the most authentic, real Youtube users to your video. Users that behave so naturally you won’t be able to tell the difference between organic traffic and Engaged Hits traffic. And neither will Youtube
For too long the metrics of Youtube searches have been balanced AGAINST you, if you’re not on page one, it’s hard to be found. Time for a change.
the pic So, are you a small business competing against much bigger businesses for Youtube Ranking? Rise Up.
Are you a Musician on Youtube trying to find your audience? Rise Up.
the pic Making videos on YouTube and want them to be seen by more people than ever before? Rise Up.
It’s time to be seen. Time to be heard. Time to turn the tables back in your favour. Time to Rise Up with Engaged Hits.
What is Engaged Hits?
A Youtube exchange platform where users watch other videos in return to having other users watch their own videos. Not only watching videos, but performing Youtube searches with the keywords you provide, liking, commenting, subscribing and more.
Is it really free?
Yes. It works off of a credit system. You will never have to pull out your credit card ever!
How do I get credits?
For every 1 minute you spend watching other Youtube videos you earn 100 points. You also earn 50 points for every one of your referrals which is a major component for our site.

For every 1 minute you want others to watch your videos will cost you 300 points.

The ‘house/admin’ receives the difference in credits to promote our own videos. This is why we created the site. Not to charge money but to make a lot more money from ranking videos so we have a vested interest in making sure this works, otherwise we make zilch!

In order to receive credits from your referrals you must be active watching videos too. If all our users only refer and never watch, then no one benefits. So yes, you want to get lots of referrals so you can get tons of points per day, however you must personally watch 30 minutes a day in order to get referrals for that day.
How do you track minutes?
Users will download our Chromium browser. Chromium = Chrome. Not to get too technical on you, but the user-agent of our browser shows as Chrome which means Google/Youtube detects our users as regular Chrome users which is the most popular browser in the world.

The top right of the browser will feed you step by step instructions of what to do feeding you new campaigns constantly.

Our browser is tracking how much time you spend watching videos as well as your referrals to properly credit your account.
Can this be automated?
Nope, impossible. We designed this to work and anything automated can easily be detected by Google/Youtube. We want this to get real results for our users and for ourselves. Not to get technical, but there is no way this can be automated, trust us.
Do you have a demo/tutorial I can see on how to make a campaign and track stats?
Yes we do, please watch this video which explains everything you need to know with setting up your campaigns and the important pages of our site.
What kind of support do I have?
On the bottom right of all pages on our website you will notice a help icon. We strive to reply to all tickets within 1 business day.